“The love of Christ”

Stephen T.

Alright, so a major “Aha moment” that I’ve had in my life, most recently is, I realized how much God actually loves us. And how he shows us…in his Eucharist, how he’s actually giving himself up every day for us and he saying that he does love us, and, like a bride, or, like a groom is saying to the bride: “no matter how sick you get, no matter how disgusting you are, no matter your bad habits, I still love you, and I still choose to be with you, every single day.” And, I think that’s a really beautiful thing about our faith is that, we can take that love that we have for Christ and we can show other people that love. Because they may not necessarily have ever seen that from their parents, brothers or sisters, or, anybody, really. And so, the love of Christ is my “Aha moment,” for this this year so far. And another one I like to share is…the little way of just doing little things for people is…the biggest way to love. By doing the dishes, vacuuming, picking up your dirty dishes. Just the little things are what really matter, in life.

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