Welcome to “Portland Aha!” We hope that you will find in these stories a trigger that takes you into your own “Aha!” moments. These witnesses are culturally located in the Portland, Oregon, a state of mind as well as a geographical location in the Pacific Northwest. As you watch your fellow Portlandians, think of how you might answer the prompt, “Tell us of an Aha! moment in your life.”

Portland’s culture reflects the mystical experience of the natural forces of the great Pacific Northwest. To simply stand among the magnificent stands of Douglas Fir trees, to breathe the clear forest air, to visit the Oregon Coast and run in the surf, and to view the majesty of Mount Hood and the other volcanic peaks of the Cascade range, is to be awed by incredible beauty. This beauty is produced by often violent forces of nature that have a cumulative effect of a heroic landscape.

The magnificence of nature is echoed in the great creativity of Portland’s denizens in homegrown music and dance, in craft beers, food trucks, local wines, and outdoor activities.

What is an “Aha! Moment?” It could be a moment in which you had a new insight or felt that you were part of something much bigger than yourself. It could be a peak experience when you joyfully felt a connection with all people and the whole universe. It could be a moment of grief in which you felt lost and alone. It could be an experience of compassion. It could be something out of the blue, or even a game-changing moment.

This is an invitation to listen and share stories of the “Aha! moments” of life. We hope that by listening to these stories you may be triggered into your own recall of an “Aha!” Moment. We want to hear your “Aha!” Moment.

Whether you’re a bicycle commuter, an Oregon hipster look with tats and gauged-out ears, or a person who cares about the homeless, a member of a religious group or an atheist, you share with us a desire for greater understanding among people.

In this time of strife and polarization on a national and global scale it’s more important than ever to find a common humanity. And we hope to find that in the details of our stories what is most personal and particular is also what is most universal.

We welcome you to tell your story. Navigate to Contact Us / Share a Video. Or, join us at Pioneer Square, or during one of our outings. Visit our Facebook page for updates.