“I felt an outpouring of mercy and love”

Shea S.

So, I grew up hearing a lot about God. I was raised in a Catholic family, and, I heard about how Jesus was a person. But, I think that there is a very concrete moment in my life where I had an “Aha moment,” where I kind of got why some people believe that God can be a very personal being. As a Catholic, I was on a retreat, and, Catholics sometimes have something called adoration where the body of Christ that we eat at mass…is out on display on a table, and it’s called “adoration” because you’re just meditating and adoring God in this little host. And as I was praying, the priest was talking about…Jesus being present to us in this room, in this way, and, I can’t really explain it but it just hit me. God was here, and God was watching me, and he was so close. I just felt an outpouring of mercy and love. And I think that that moment has carried and sustained me, even up to now, all these years. It’s just kind of what I think of when I think about God. So that’s my “Aha moment.”

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