“I call on the Holy Spirit”


My name is Emma and my “Aha moment” was…pretty much in a pit of darkness when I felt really lonely. I had just moved away from all of my friends and all of my family, and then my closer friends, who were close by two hours were moving further and further away. And I cried out in prayer and I said “Jesus, you know, what am I supposed to do? I’m all by myself. I don’t understand. You sent me out to be this youth minister and work with these kids and clearly there’s a plan but I’m not getting it because I feel.. this pit.”

And then someone sent me a link to this study about the Holy Spirit. And I was like “Okay I don’t know if I’m ready for this.” Like, Holy Spirit, that’s super charismatic… that’s not me.

The first video was about how the Holy Spirit is the gift that Jesus gave us. He’s our advocate. And that he is our companion on the journey. And it just clicked. I was sitting in my kitchen and I was crying two minutes into the video and I’m like “Oh my gosh I have this partner on the journey. I have someone who is constantly with me, constantly inspiring me.”

And, so now whenever I feel lonely, or, like I’m not really sure where God wants me, I call on the Holy Spirit. And quietly pray “Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful, and then kindle in them the fire of your love.” And that’s my “Aha moment.”

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