“…Feeling his movement…that he’s a real person”

Jacob H.

My name is Jacob, and my “Aha moment” was about a year ago, I would say.

My wife and I have a 10-month-old son, and about a year ago was the first time I felt him move inside her belly. To grow up and to try to position yourself into caring for others and put others beside, or in front of yourself and take care about what’s going on around you as a teenager is really difficult to do. And, as you move in your 20s sometimes it’s even an abstract idea.

This was my first moment of…what’s going on around me is way more important than myself, or just the few people in my inner circle. And feeling his movement, feeling the fact that he’s a real person, and will be forever changing our lives and will forever be in our lives together….really struck home with me. It really developed a new sense of life and what life was about and what we owe this world, what we owe the community around us, micro and macro. In the sense of the whole world plus wherever you are–neighborhood, city, state…and so, having the realization of bringing another human being into this world, and having everything that he needs is your responsibility. And what you need to do and your moves, your motions, what you say, how you act, will be mimicked through this human being and it makes you realize, there are a ton of people watching you, and copying you, or remodeling you throughout your time, through high school. And after, whether you’re in college or not, and now into my late 20s it’s humbling to realize that we have a true impact and we have the ability to have a huge, huge impact on a lot of people if we do the right thing. And listen to God and work through his teachings and help him get his word out, and influence people around us for the better.

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