“I thought about what skills I actually have as an educator”


My “Aha moment” comes from the process of becoming a high school teacher. And, for a long time I really felt like that was a vocation for me. Something that I was called to do, something that would be more than just a job. And I was in the Peace Corps and I taught in the Peace Corps and I felt for really long time that I was called to teach in an inner-city school. That that was what I was supposed to do with my gifts and my talents.

And then I went to Lewis and Clark which has a wonderful Masters in Teaching program that really specializes in working with underserved youth and so I felt like I was on my way. And then I went to go and interview for jobs. And the place where I was offered my first job was a private school that serves predominantly students of privilege.

And I was frustrated. I felt like “this isn’t where I’m supposed to be. I’m called to be somewhere else.” And then I started to think about it and I thought about my life trajectory to that point and what gifts and skills I actually have as an educator and I thought, maybe I think I’m supposed to be teaching underserved youth. Because that sounds good for my ego; sounds good a cocktail party. But maybe my vocation–what I’m actually called to do, based on who I am and what I have offer the world, is where I have ended up teaching. And for me that was a big “Aha moment.” That I let my own ego and what I thought I was called to do get in the way of maybe what I was actually called to do. So, I’m asking myself the question: “am I at the right place” but for now, my gifts, my talents seem to be pointing in the direction of “Aha” and I’m where I’m supposed to be. That’s my story.

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